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The Definite "Nippon" Brand

Japonica Lodge specializes in Japanese brands, and provides high quality hiking and camping goods. Experience the definite quality of "made in Japan" in Asakusa.

Brands We Offer

※All brand names are linked to their HP (most are only in Japanese)

What Makes Us Different

~Consumption Tax Cut~

It is not duty-free service. We offer the consumption tax (8%) off for a foreigner regardless of your residence in order to increase the fan of Japan Brand Products.

Please let us know that you have seen our website.

~Explanation for Every Product~

We have attachment for all of our products. There are explanations for each and everyone of them, showing what is so different and great about it. Not only does it make it  helpful when finding your perfect choice, but also fun to just walk around and see different items.

Try Seeing, Touching, and Using Before You Buy!!

All products are okay to touch. We understand that for outdoor lovers, it is much better to hold, try on, open up, and test goods before actually buying them. In Japonica Lodge, it is okay to touch and test any of the items. You can even crawl into tents and sleeping bags; there is an open space for people who want to see what it feels like to lie in them. 

Japonica Lodge supports the Japanese brand team "Yama to Tamashi"